The Lady Elvis Show
Laura Herbert loves Elvis and her audience knows it. As Lady Elvis, she gives her viewers a one of a kind treat!

"I really just want people to have fun when they watch me perform," says Laura. "I figure if I can make someone smile or give them something exciting to talk about when they go home, then I am doing something right. "

Ok, so obviously most Elvis impersonators are men, but Lovely Laura Herbert doesn't let that stand in her way. Nevertheless, here are the answers to some questions that you may have.

Does she ever! Lady Elvis sings along to her custom-made backup tracks. Click here for a complete set list.

No, they're not, but they are made out of real hair! Lady Elvis does, in fact, wear a wig and adhesive sideburns.

Lady Elvis sings
Lady Elvis sings

Click here to see more pictures of Lady Elvis in action!

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