About Lovely Laura
Laura Herbert

That chick's a man, baby! No, not really. The woman beneath those sideburns is the lovely Laura Herbert.

Born in 1977 (the year Elvis died), Laura became an Elvis fan at an early age. She got her first exposure to Elvis around the age of 8 when she saw 'Jailhouse Rock' on TV. Needless to say, it was love at first sight.

Laura has been an Elvis fan ever since, but didn't start contemplating becoming a tribute artist until she was in her early twenties. "I was always very shy," admits Laura. "I didn't think I could really do it at first - it was just a fantasy for a long while."

But fantasy became reality when a few years later Laura decided to dress as Elvis for Halloween. "It was such a huge success that I knew I had to continue with it," recalls Laura. "And I'm so glad I did. It's such a special way to keep Elvis' memory alive and it's tons of fun!"

A native New Yorker, Laura has many other passions aside from Elvis, including sewing, gardening, and a deep commitment to environmental conservation. She also has a great love of the outdoors, plays the bass, and enjoys spending time with her two cats. Laura currently lives in western Massachusetts.